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[ENG SUBBED] 140312 KBS Mamma Mia featuring Teen Top Niel (cr: @KBSWorldTV)

Niel’s part starts at 23:25. Enjoy it Angels ^^

Hi~~~ everyone, how are you? OMO long time no post on here kekekeke
I just want to share these link that I found on YT.

Teen Top Telepathy Game Cut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKfAvuRrC-c

Teen Top ChunJoe Bag Inspection Cut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ficzyzxmASI

Teen Top NAP Bag Inspection Cut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVWMss1yqO8

Teen Top ChangRick Bag Inspection Cut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ivojk_spvQ

[Pre-Debut] Changjo, C.A.P & Niel on the same stage

Teen Top Fan Art by CANDY

TEENTOP SHOWCASE No.1 Making / Plan meeting + Choreo Practice + Special Mission http://t.co/6TdDYwhJKg

TEENTOP SHOWCASE No.1 Making / INTERVIEW http://t.co/PbOWnoPfjM

TEENTOP SHOWCASE No.1 Making / D-DAY http://t.co/2trtHlr5UC

130618 횡성 군민의날 틴탑 3 달빛별빛 (by 피에스타 달빛별빛)

Fanta Time Music Video Full Version - Teen Top’s Niel, Kwangsoo and APink’s Eunji

Predebut : TEENTOP’s Ricky

130615 Fanta Idol Interview - TEENTOP’s Niel, Kwangsoo & APINK’s Eunji

130616 KBS Happy Sunday: Mamma Mia - Niel & Mom CUT (cr: @HA_NIEL)

[AUDIO] Fanta Time - TEEN TOP’s Niel, Lee Kwangsoo & APINK’s Eunji

NIEL’s FATHER (Ahn Inhwan)